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Jumping on the hype train about Blender 2.8 and while it's looking nice, getting to grips with new software is always hard.

Documentation for 2.8 is currently being updated.

I therefore compiled a list of hotkeys that I found useful for working with Blender:

Key Action
Shift + Space Open Toolbar Menu
Right Mouse Open Vertex / Edge / Face Context Menu
Alt + E Open Selected Tool Menu (will enable numeric value entry!)
Ctrl + V Open Vertex Menu
Ctrl + E Open Edge Menu
Ctrl + F Open Face Menu
U Open UV Menu
Shift + A Open Mesh Primitives Menu
Delete Open Delete Menu

Optimisation tips for various platforms taken from various Unity/Unite talks:

Mobile VR:

Youtube: Unity LA 2018: Going for Speed Maximizing Performance on Oculus Go


  • Enable Single-Pass Stereo
  • Static Batching - One material per Mesh and mark meshes as static.
  • Bake Lighting - Per-pixel lights break batches.
  • Occlusion Culling - Don't draw stuff you can't see.
  • If Umbra fails build custom occlusion engine - Interiors work better with a custom portal engine.
  • Oculus Go can handle large textures - 4096x4096
  • Oculus Go can do small head translations in addition to head rotation.


  • Faster Fragmen...

Here is a quick cheat sheet on how to add a proper ssh key for Sourcetree / Bitbucket from a Windows system with the PuTTY Key Generator.

Screenshot of PuTTY Key Generator

The process is not complicated by any means, but getting things mixed up simply results in Bitbucket or Sourcetree rejecting the key, making tracking down the problem more difficult than it should be.

Steps are:

  1. Press Generate to create the key.
  2. Press Save private key to save the private key to disk.
  3. Copy the public key from the text area box above into the clipboard.
  4. Paste the public key into the Bitbucket > Settings > SSH Keys section on the website.