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Blender 2.8

Jumping on the hype train about Blender 2.8 and while it's looking nice, getting to grips with new software is always hard.

Documentation for 2.8 is currently being updated.

I therefore compiled a list of hotkeys that I found useful for working with Blender:

Key Action
Shift + Space Open Toolbar Menu
Right Mouse Open Vertex / Edge / Face Context Menu
Alt + E Open Selected Tool Menu (will enable numeric value entry!)
Ctrl + V Open Vertex Menu
Ctrl + E Open Edge Menu
Ctrl + F Open Face Menu
U Open UV Menu
T Toggle Left Toolbar
Shift + A Open Mesh Primitives Menu
Delete Open Delete Menu
Middle Mouse Orbit View
Shift + Middle Mouse Move View
Ctrl + Middle Mouse Zoom View
Alt + Middle Mouse Orthographic View
Select General
Tab Switch between Object / Edit Mode
Numpad . Frame Selected
A Select All
Alt + A Deselect All
H Hide Selected
Ctrl + H Hide Unselected
Alt + H Reveal Hidden
Select in Edit Mode
1 Vertex Mode
2 Edge Mode
3 Face Mode
L Select Linked
Ctrl + Numpad + Select More
Ctrl + Numpad - Select Less
Alt + Left Mouse Select Edge Loop
Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Select Edge Ring
Ctrl + Left Mouse Select Shortest Path
G Translate (grab) tool
R Rotate tool
S Scale tool
X, Y, Z Manipulate along X, Y, Z axis while previous tools are active
K Knife Tool
E Extrude
F Make Edge / Face
Alt + F Fill Hole
Ctrl + T Triangulate Faces
Alt + J Tris To Quads
Alt + M Merge Vertices / Edges / Faces
P Separate
Clean up mesh
Shift + N Make Normals Consistant
Subdivision Surfaces
Shift + E Set Edge Crease