Jumping on the hype train about Blender 2.8 and while it's looking nice, getting to grips with new software is always hard.

Documentation for 2.8 is currently being updated.

I therefore compiled a list of hotkeys that I found useful for working with Blender:

Key Action
Shift + Space Open Toolbar Menu
Right Mouse Open Vertex / Edge / Face Context Menu
Alt + E Open Selected Tool Menu (will enable numeric value entry!)
Ctrl + V Open Vertex Menu
Ctrl + E Open Edge Menu
Ctrl + F Open Face Menu
U Open UV Menu
Shift + A Open Mesh Primitives Menu
Delete Open Delete Menu
Middle Mouse Orbit View
Shift + Middle Mouse Move View
Ctrl + Middle Mouse Zoom View
Alt + Middle Mouse Orthographic View
Tab Toggle Object / Edit Mode
1 Vertex Mode
2 Edge Mode
3 Face Mode
A Select All
Alt + A Deselect All
L Select Linked
Ctrl + Numpad + Select More
Ctrl + Numpad - Select Less
Alt + Left Mouse Select Edge Loop
Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Select Edge Ring
Ctrl + Left Mouse Select Shortest Path
H Hide Selected
Ctrl + H Hide Unselected
Alt + H Reveal Hidden
K Knife Tool
E Extrude
F Make Edge / Face
Alt + F Fill Hole
Ctrl + T Triangulate Faces
Alt + J Tris To Quads
Alt + M Merge Vertices / Edges / Faces
P Separate
Clean up mesh
Shift + N Make Normals Consistant
Subdivision Surfaces
Shift + E Set Edge Crease